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North FL Research & Education Center- Suwannee Valley

North FL Research & Education Center- Suwannee Valley

Small Farms Academy

Hydroponic & Protected Ag Series

Our core program in the Hydroponic & Protected Ag Series is the short course, called “Starting a Successful Hydroponic Business”.  It is a two day program offered in march since 2009. It features demonstrations and discussions of a variety of topics inside three greenhouses, a shade house, an outdoor production area and two tunnel structures at the NFREC-SV facility.  Topics covered include: planning the business and developing a marketing strategy, growing transplants, selecting hydroponic systems, soilless media choices, irrigation and fertilizer, managing pests, and the production of several traditional and non-traditional crops, including microgreens, herbs, flowers, and vegetables.

The short course is being offered in response to the tremendous increase in demand for information on hydroponics and controlled growing systems to provide high quality locally grown products.  It is aimed at those considering the venture or who have recently started a hydroponic business.  

The facility is one of the best in the Southeast for teaching hydroponic growing in an actual operating greenhouse setting.  It also includes an optional tour to one of the most successful and modern greenhouse hydroponic operations in Florida.

This program has also been modified to accommodate and target specific audiences such as Teachers and Educators.

Other programs within the Hydroponic & Protected Ag Series are the following:

AG Assistant

Protected AG Program

Wanda Laughlin

Phone: 386-219-4260

RSA- Vegetables

Field & Greenhouse

Robert (Bob) Hochmuth

Phone: 386-219-4255