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North FL Research & Education Center- Suwannee Valley

North FL Research & Education Center- Suwannee Valley


Linear Irrigation System
Irrigation Manifold


Irrigation and nutrient management research at the NFREC-SV is focused on water conservation and increasing water/nutrient use efficiencies. Soil moisture sensors are being used to develop more efficient irrigation schedules, make better use of rainfall, reduce groundwater pumping, reduce nutrient runoff/leaching, maximize soil water storage and make better irrigation management decisions. Variable rate irrigation technology is being used to test irrigation strategies to identify effective strategies for the Suwannee Valley area. Drip irrigation/fertigation trials are being conducted to offer alternative, water conserving technologies for local vegetable growers. Irrigation research at the NFREC-SV is conducted using state-of-the-art technology to keep Suwannee Valley growers on the cutting edge. Smart-phone applications and other web based apps are currently being developed in collaboration with research conducted on-farm at the NFREC-SV.