Beginning Farmer

The Suwannee Valley Agricultural Extension Center collaborates with other IFAS and non-IFAS entitites to support beginnning farmers in Florida. The following resources and programs are available for beginnning farmers in North Florida.

County Extension Offices

Nearly all counties in Florida have an extension agent focused on agriculture or commercial horticulture. They are available to assist beginning farmers with various needs.
Find a county office

Regional Extension Agents

Regional Specialized Extension Agents based at the SVAEC serve beginning farmers in Florida's Northeast Extension District.

Educational Programs

Regular extension programs offered at the SVAEC include our Small Farms Academy series, and various field days. Check our calendar for upcoming events.

Farmer Networks

The Florida Agriculture Network organizes farm tours and other events where farmers can learn from each other. Check our calendar for upcoming events.

Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises Program

This statewide program organizes conferences and other events focused on small farms, specialty crops, and local food systems. The statewide Small Farms team is led by Danielle Treadwell and Mary Beth Henry. The Small Farms & Alternative Enterprises website contains many resources for small and beginning farmers. In particular, see the Getting Started page.