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North FL Research & Education Center- Suwannee Valley

North FL Research & Education Center- Suwannee Valley

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Dr. Sudeep Singh Sidhu

Extension: Regional Specialized Agent II, Agricultural Water Management

Dr. Sidhu leads extension and research efforts to develop site-specific nutrient and water management strategies for various cropping systems in Florida (peanut-cotton-no cover crop; peanut-cotton-cover crop; peanut-corn-carrot; peanut-corn-no cover crop; sod-based rotation with cover crop). Dr. Sidhu's team investigates the impacts of alternate cropping systems such as sod-based cropping system (bahiagrass-bahiagrass-peaunt-cotton; bahiagrass-bahiagrass-corn-peanut) with or without cattle grazing on ground water quality, nutrient cycling, and nitrate leaching by utliizing drain guage lysimeters and deep core (up to 20 feet) soil sampling. Dr. Sidhu utlizes field mapping technologies based on soil properties and capacitance-based soil moisture probes for making zone-based nutrient and water management decisions. Dr. Sidhu's team works on developing and demonstrating on-farm tools such as nitrogen calibration strip, side dressing of nitrogen in corn, and sensor-based approaches to inform in-season nitrogen and irrigation applications.